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Video Tutorials
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Plugin Installation

Creating Tour & Custom Filters

Creating Tour Service

Theme Installation

Once you purchase the plugin from themeforest, you'll be able to load 2 file type.
  1. All Files and documentation
  2. Installable Wordpress Theme File
If you select to download all files and documentation ( the zip file name will be ), you have to extract it out ( to get file ) before installing it to wordpress system.
Install theme via Wordpress Dashboard
  1. Go to "Plugins > Add New" section
  2. Select the "Upload Plugin" button
  3. Upload the "" file
  4. All Done :)
Install theme via FTP
  1. Access to the file on your server using hosting control panel or ftp editor application
  2. Go to "wp-content/plugins" folder on your wordpress installation
  3. Extract the zip file and put the "traveltour" folder there
  4. Go to "Appearance > Theme" section to activate the theme
  5. All Done :)
** If you want to reset your website to initial state for import process, you may check this article

Importing Demo Content

After you finished installing plugin, go to "Tools > Import" and click "Run Importer" on wordpress section.

Select the xml we provided in the zip file, then follow though the import steps.

Other Payment Gateways

Please note that for other payment gateways than the theme provides will be sold separately as a third party plugin because they're developed by third party author. For any questions about other payment gateways, please feel free to ask its author directly.

*Please also note that these payments' support will be provided by its author directly, not by us.
Network International Payment Solutions
Instamogo Payment Gateway

Creating Tour

1.) Create new tour.
Add new tour at the "Tour > Add New" section. Fill the title, category, tag as you want.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see the tour settings section. You can set the tour type/date/price at the "DATE & PRICE" tab.

You can set an extra tour information at "TOUR SETTINGS" tab

2.) Creating tour item ( list of tours ).
Create new page at "Page > Add New". At the page builder area, add the "Tour Item" then, publish the page.

Double click or hover over the tour item to edit the tour item options.

Creating Custom Package Options

You will find this option in Tour setting.

Creating Custom Tour Filters

1. Go to Tour > Add New Filter and then create a new filter.

2. You can assign your tours to new filter in single tour editor page.

Then you can also enable the filter in search bar from search item setting(page builder)

Also, you can enable the custom filters in search result page here

Group Discount

Group discount can be enabled in single tour setting > Date & Price.

Creating Coupon

Add new coupon at the "Tour Coupon > Add New" section. Fill the title as anything you want.

Fill the coupon code as anything ( lower than 20 character ) and set the discount price/date as you need.

Setting up Deposit Payment

Deposit payment can be configured in Tour Master option.

Setting up Deposit Payment

This option is available in single tour setting.
You can send a message to the certain group of customer at one time. You have to choose the traveling date to specify the certain group of customers.

You can create an auto reminder to your customers before traveling date. For example, to remind them to bring important documents or important stuffs..

Setup The Payment

You need to disable the caching on the payment page & cookies to make all function works correctly.
How The Payment Works
Setup The Payment Page
Go to "Tourmaster Plugin Option > General > Payment Page" to set up the payment template and sidebar.

Setup The Payment Gateway
At the "Payment > Payment Settings Tab", select the payment method you want. You can learn more about how to obtain the payment API key in the next section.

Configuring An Email Message

Setting Up E-mail
Please note that the subscription email form is being used separately by the plugin "Newsletter". If you want to set up email subscription, you have to do via "Newsletter" plugin setting directly.
Go to "Tourmaster Plugin Option > General > E-Mail Settings" to fill all necessary E-mail settings.

E-mail Message Management
Go to "Admin Email Content" or "Customer Email Content" section to set the E-mail content. You will see that you can enable/disable the email message on different scenario.

Customize an E-mail Message
You can fill any html code to style an E-mail Message ( Not the title ). We also provided a custom shortcode for you to add necessary information regarding to the tour booking to your email as well.
  • Display Title : {title}YOUR_TITLE_GOES_HERE{/title}
  • Customer Name : {customer-name}
  • Tour Name : {tour-name}
  • Order Number : {order-number}
  • Travel Date : {travel-date}
  • Total Price : {total-price}
  • Payment Method : {payment-method}
  • Payment Date : {payment-date}
  • Transaction ID : {transaction-id}
  • Customer Note : {customer-note}
  • Profile Page URL : {profile-page-link}
  • Payment Page URL : {payment-link}
  • Invoice Page URL : {invoice-link}
  • Admin Transaction Page URL : {admin-transaction-link}
  • Divider Line : {divider}
  • Spaces : {spaces}
Modifying the Payment Form Fields
Please check this link about how to modifying the traveller detail fields

Please check this link about how to modifying the contact detail fields

Customize an Enquiry Form & Message
Please check this link about how to create custom enquiry form field

You can also mix our shortcode with html to create a link / bold text or anything you want as well. BTW, please noted that the some shortcode might not be available on some scenario.

Eg. On registration process, only "{customer-name}" and "{profile-page-link}" is available. Here's an example of email sent after the booking as been made.

					Dear {customer-name},
					You have made a booking on

					Make a payment
					View Invoice
					If you wish to do the bank transfer. Please use the information below.

					Bank name: Center London Bank
					Account Number: 4455-4445-333
					Swift Code: XXCCVV

					After transferring, please submit payment receipt from your dashboard. We'll get back to you when the submission verified.

Creating Itinerary Map

Creating Destination

1. Go to Tour > Tour Category, create a new category and assign thumbnail.

2. Create new tours and assign them to the created category
3. Create a new page and use the page item "Tour Category". You can choose specific categories to show and select layout in page item setting.

Creating Referral Tour(link to external source)

This feature allow you to link the tour to other website(where you have your affiliation). You can put the specific url in tour setting. By using this feature, it will ignore all other tour attributes.

Creating Login / Registration Page

1. Create two blank pages ("Login" page and "Register" page in this case.)

2. Go to Tour Master option > Template Setting and choose pages.

Setting Up Social Login

1. Installing The "Next End Social Login" plugin
2. See the document on how to setup the access info here

Setting up header in tour search result

1. Create two blank pages ("Login" page and "Register" page in this case.)

2. Go to Tour Master option > Search/Archive Pages and choose the page in "Search Page".

How create customer's review manually?

1. Make sure that you finished "Creating Tour" section already.
2. Create a new account as customer
You may do this by using another browser so you can be online as admin and customer at the same time.

3. Use customer account to perform booking on the tour
At the end of process, select "Book and pay later" button.

4. Go to admin backend (transaction page)
Choose the recent booking and change its status to 'Departed'.

5. Back to customer account
Go to customer dashboard, click on the menu "Review" on the left then submit a review.

If you're using W3 Total Cache plugin, make sure that you have these settings.

1. In the "Browser Cache" setting, in the "HTML & XML" section, make sure that "Set expires header" is unchecked.
2. If you're using CDN, go to "CDN" setting, scroll down to the bottom and add this rule in the "Reject Files" box


Login/Register Bar
Tour List
[tourmaster_tour category="" num-fetch="6" pagination="page" tour-style="grid" column-size="3" thumbnail-size="full" tour-info="duration-text, availability" excerpt-number="20" tour-rating="enable" ]
  • category/tag/custom-filter-slug : Use to filter the list of the tour you need to display ( eg. category="CATEGORY_SLUG" )
  • num-fetch : Number of tours you want to display in the list ( eg. num-fetch="6" )
  • orderby : date/title/rand/menu_order/price/duration/popularity/rating
  • order : desc/asc
  • pagination : none/page/load-more
  • tour-style : full/full-with-frame/medium/medium-with-frame/modern/modern-no-space/grid/grid-with-frame/grid-no-space/widget
  • column-size : 1/2/3/4/5
  • thumbnail-size : The thumbnail sizes defined by your theme/plugin ( full/medium/thumbnail )
  • layout : fitrows/carousel
  • tour-info : duration-text,availability,departurelocation,return-location,minimum-age,maximum-age,custom-excerpt
  • tour-rating : enable/disable
  • excerpt-number : Number of the excerpt you want to display ( excerpt-number="20" )
Tour Category
[tourmaster_tour_category filter-type="tour_category" num-fetch="3" style="grid" column-size="3" thumbnail-size="full" ]
  • filter-type : tour_category/tour_tag/CUSTOM_FILTER_YOU_CREATED ( eg. filter-type="destination" )
  • num-fetch : Number of categories you want to display in the list ( eg. num-fetch="6" )
  • orderby : name/slug/term_id
  • order : desc/asc
  • style : grid/grid-2/widget
  • column-size : 1/2/3/4/5
  • thumbnail-size : The thumbnail sizes defined by your theme/plugin ( full/medium/thumbnail )
Tour Review
[tourmaster_tour_review num-display="3" ]
  • num-display : Number of reviews you want to display in the list ( eg. num-display="6" )
Tour Search
[tourmaster_tour_search fields="keywords, tour_category, tour_tag, date, min-price, max-price" style="column" with-frame="disable" ]
  • fields : List of fields you want to display. keywords, tour_category, tour_tag, date, min-price, max-price, CUSTOM_FILTER_SLUG
  • style : column/half/full
  • with-frame : enable/disable