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Hotel Booking Features

Video Walkthrough

*This walkthroughs use Hotale theme so the header area will be different from Travel Tour but the core feature(booking system) will be the same.

Multi Currency

You can create multi-currency options. You can also set the fixed rate that you want or let it change automatically.

Online Payment

TravelTour comes with Paypal and Credit Card(Stripe, Authorize) built-in payments.

Offline Payment

You can also provide offline payment to customers with the ability to submit payment receipts from the user backend.

Woocommerce Payment

TravelTour system supports Woocommerce Payment which enables you to navigate through dozen of Woocommerce Payment Gateways. Deposit not supported in Woocommerce Payments.

Seasonal Pricing

Easily manage prices for higher demand periods such as holidays, Weekends or any specific period.

Multiple Deposit Supported

You can set up to 5 deposits. Each deposit transaction made will appear in both customer and admin dashboard.

iCal Supported

Ability to sync booking with other service such as Air BnB, VRBO, HomeAway. Please note that this method only available when you have only one room in ‘Room amount’.

Coupon Code

You can create coupon codes with coupon amount, expiry date, and the discount type (percentage or fixed amount).

Additional Services

Add extra services in the checkout process to let your customers enjoy more facilities such as hotel massage, wifi, airport transfers, etc.

Minimum Stays

Allow you to set up the requirement for minimum stays for your hotel.

Hotel Shopping Cart

Let your customers book multiple rooms at the same time without making bookings one by one.
*not available for tour booking.

Last Minute Blocking

To avoid last minute booking for your easily management. Now you can set hours before travel date to allow customers to book.

Powerful Room Search

Search page is beautifully designed yet, very powerful, with the ability to create custom filters and allow customers to search through them.

Custom Filter

More over, you can now create unlimited custom filters for your rooms and even more, this can be applied to the searching tool as well!

Email Notification

Notify your customers immediately after they make a booking or make payments.

Manual Add Bookings

This feature will allow admin toadd booking manually. This feature can be used when, for example, admin receives booking by phone from customer and want to put it in the site’s record.

Manual Edit Bookings

This feature will allow admin to edit booking after customer done the booking. This feature can be used when, for example, customer wants to change travel date, traveler amount, etc.

Adjust Price After Booking

Admin can edit price for specific customers after the booking.

Hotel Maintenance

You can block all rooms from booking for a specific time for hotel maintenance.

Invoice Direct to Email

After customers finish the payment or after admin approve the booking, invoice can be also sent to customer’s email as well.

Transaction CSV Exporter

You can export transactions into csv file for easily management. The csv exporter can filter transactions by date range.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple hotel locations, you can also divide them by using our custom filter.

Customizable Enquiry Form

You can modify enquiry form freely. We have six different types for your choices: text, textarea, email, password, date-picker, combobox.

Customizable Contact Fields

Modify booking fields freely. We have six different types for your choices: text, textarea, email, password, date-picker, combobox.

Social Login

With Nextend Social Login And Register Plugin(free), we creat a prebuilt stylesheet and put the support into our login and registration form.

Google Captcha

Google captcha is available for user registration, user login form. This will help your site prevent all those annoying spams.

Embed Third Party System

For someone who want to use third party booking system but would like to use our theme, now you can embed the code in place of our booking bar.